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Increase your visibility with thousands of potential clients when you advertise on Tutor Index.  Gain access to students, parents and teachers who are looking for qualified tutors in Canada.  With rates as low as $50, the cost of advertising will pay for itself when you find your first new client. 

Tutor Index is recognized by major search engines as a credible website for individuals searching for tutors across Canada.  We actively promote our services to students, parents and teachers through a variety of online marketing programs, placing our site and your business where your target market is searching for tutors.  Advertise with Tutor Index to enhance your online presence and attract new clients.  There are no contracts or long-term commitments.  You can discontinue your ad(s) at any time without penalty.  

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Advertising Options

Choose from two different types of advertisements that offer varying levels of visibility:  Directory Listings or Panel Advertisements.  Multiple advertisement discounts are available for both types of ads.  Below you will find a description and example of each.

Directory Listings

Tutor Index offers two Directory Listing options—a FREE Basic Directory Listing or a Premium Directory Listing for a small fee.  Listings are included in our searchable database and displayed in the centre panel of the website.  All listings are sorted by closest proximity to the user’s postal code, making it easy for clients in your area to locate you.  Premium Directory Listings are posted at the top of the page for increased visibility.  Basic Directory Listings are posted after the premium listings. Premium listings will also allow you to receive access to our list of students who are looking for a tutor.

All Directory Listings consist of the following information: location, rates, description of your services, image (e.g. logo), grade levels, subjects you tutor, and a contact button, so clients can get in touch with you.

Directory listing Canada

Panel Advertisements

Panel Ads provide maximum exposure for your business.  These eye-catching display ads are posted on the side panels throughout the entire site and can be linked to your website, profile page or Directory Listing(s).  Panel Ads are rotated to guarantee equal visibility for all of our advertisers.  Create your own or let us design one for you for free.

There are three different types of Panel Ads available—city, provincial and national.  Each offers a different level of exposure.  City Panel Ads are displayed on the web pages for a particular city; Provincial Panel Ads are displayed on the city pages within a province; and National Panel Ads are displayed on every page of the website.

Panel advertisement


Advertising Rates

Basic Directory Listing
$0 CAD
Premium Directory Listing for 6 Months:
$50 CAD
Premium Directory Listing for 1 Year:
$75 CAD
City Panel Advertisement for 6 Months:
$50 CAD
City Panel Advertisement for 1 Year:
$75 CAD
Provincial Panel Advertisement for 6 Months:
$150 CAD
Provincial Panel Advertisement for 1 Year:
$225 CAD
National Panel Advertisement for 6 Months:
$450 CAD
National Panel Advertisement for 1 Year:
$675 CAD

Multiple City Discounts

2 to 5 Cities
10% Off
6 or More Cities
20% Off


Register Today to Advertise Your Business

You must be a registered user to advertise on Tutor Index.  Sign up today and begin creating your advertisements risk-free. Our easy-to-use management system lets you create new ads, edit existing ones or delete ads.

All ads must be approved by Tutor Index before they are posted live to our website.  Please allow up to 48 hours for this process.  You will receive an email from us when your advertisement is approved.

After your ad is posted, track the effectiveness of your advertising efforts by monitoring the number of leads you receive.  Tutor Index’s online tracking systems makes it easy for you to keep track of how many individuals email you or click on your Panel Ad.