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Rate:approximately $45/hr

Levels:Adult Education, Childhood Education, College / University, Elementary, High School

Subjects:Accent Reduction, Accounting, Algebra, Anatomy, Biochemistry, Biology, Calculus, Career Development, Chemistry, Computer, Czech, ESL, Editing, English, Finance, French, Geometry, Grammar, Handwriting, Health, History, IELTS, Learning Disability, Linguistics, Literature, Mandarin, Math, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Philosophy, Physics, Proofreading, Psychology, Public Speaking, Reading, Religion, Science, Sociology, Spanish, Special Needs, Spelling, Study Skills, TOEFL, Test Preparation, Trigonometry, Vocabulary, Writing

Description: We tutor in nearly every subject and we specialize in teaching ESL, especially to business professionals. We focus on accent reduction and workplace-specific terminology.
We provide high quality Language Specialists and Educate Consultants that have a passion to educate.
By valuing Education and Freedom, we train for English communication in the workplace to reduce stress and improve job performance. 
We do all of this while donating 10% of our profits to IJM to help free slaves around the world. The way we see it is like this: we help free students from study struggles, we help free people from language barriers, and we ultimately help free victims from oppressive situations; hence the name Free Mind. Join us as we work together to make the world a better place, 1 person, 1 hour at a time.
KLC College

Rate:contact for more info

Levels:Childhood Education, Elementary, High School, College / University, Adult Education

Subjects:Algebra, Anatomy, Calculus, Canadian History, Chemistry, Composition, Computer, Editing, English, French, GED, Geography, Geology, Geometry, Grammar, Handwriting, History, Learning Disability, Literature, Math, Phonics, Physics, Proofreading, Public Speaking, Reading, Science, Spelling, Study Skills, Test Preparation, Trigonometry, Vocabulary, Writing

Description: KLC College (Kingston Learning Centre) offers private, one-to-one tutoring at your convenience. Since 1982, we have tutored all ages in every subject. Our tutors work any day of the week, at any time. You choose the time and how often your child is tutored. Since we are qualified teachers (B.Ed.), we do not go through the expensive testing procedure. All we need are current report cards to create an individualized learning plan. This comprehensive, skill-based program will lead the student to the skill level needed. Our tutors show patience and understanding for the student who is lost, confused, behind in schoolwork or just needs that extra little bit of help. With an increased skill level, the student develops a confidence in ability and then, success follows quickly. We also help the high achieving student attain even higher marks.
Polish Tutor -Teacher
City:Prince George

Rate:25-30 dollars per hour

Levels:Adult Education, Childhood Education, College / University, Elementary, High School

Subjects:Composition, Grammar, Handwriting, Literature, Phonics, Polish, Public Speaking, Reading, Spelling, Test Preparation, Vocabulary, Writing

Description: I am a qualified, native Polish speaker with Master's Degree in Polish studies. I have been working for 8 years in Polish schools and teaching all ages and all levels (beginners, intermediate, and advanced). 
I am offering:
- interesting conversation practice,
- solid grammar teaching,
- phonetics,
- pronunciation,
- clear speech,
- voice improvement,
- accent reduction,
- language games.

For someone who is unable to attend the lesson I can provide a Skype lesson.

25-30 dollars per hour.

Tutor- All Grades and Most Subjects

Rate:15 hr.

Levels:Adult Education, Childhood Education, College / University, Elementary, High School

Subjects:Art, Art History, Biology, Canadian History, Chemistry, Computer, Drawing, Economics, English, Geography, Geology, Geometry, Handwriting, Health, Kinesiology, Learning Disability, Literature, Math, Music, Music History, Music Theory, Painting, Photography, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Public Speaking, Reading, Religion, SAT, Science, Singing, Skiing, Soccer, Sociology, Spelling, Study Skills, Technology, Test Preparation, Theatre, Trumpet, Vocabulary, Voice, World History, Writing

Description:  During the day I am a sub so I am only around at night for help. You can call anytime if you need a Tutor, for anything. I am a certified teacher and I am very approachable and hopefully helpful to you. I will do my best to assist you as best as I can and will work really hard to get you to where you need to be. I have my certification in Elementary subjects but I do sub for high school as well. I do perfer the asking price, but it can also be talked about. You can also call to inquire as well.

Thank you,
Learning with Linda

Rate:$15.00 Hour

Levels:Adult Education, Childhood Education, Elementary

Subjects:Accent Reduction, Canadian History, ESL, English, Grammar, Handwriting, Literature, Public Speaking, Reading, Spelling, Vocabulary

Description: When my children were young, I decided that I would home-school them until they were ready to embark on a different learning path. They are now grown, and I would like to share what I learned by helping others.

I am an experienced tutor, interested in helping students discover what they already know and helping them build on that foundation. Each student will develop learning goals and a plan to achieve them.

I believe that strong reading skills will help the student achieve in all subjects.

I enjoy helping someone from another country continue to discover all the varity of the English language; the adult who did not complete high-school gain more education, and a young child having difficulty in school begin to feel confident.
Gateways Learning


Levels:Childhood Education, Elementary, High School

Subjects:Chemistry, ESL, English, Math, Physics, Public Speaking, Reading, Science, Study Skills, Technology

Description: FREE in household consultation.

We come to your house and do S.T.E.M. Tutoring. We inspire and empower our students through a focused approach that simletaneously makes learning fun.

-Personalized Lesson Plans
-Book Sessions around your schedule
-Regular assessments to track academic performance
-We can even coordinate with your teachers to make sure students are prepared for their coursework.

We teach a variety of courses, so don't hesitate to make a commitment free call to see if Gateways Learning is right for you. Call Now.

Academic programs throughout the strike keep our students growing and help them move towards their future goals.

Call us today!
Monica, University Graduate


Levels:Childhood Education, Elementary, High School

Subjects:Art, Art History, Biology, Canadian History, Drawing, English, European History, Geography, Grammar, Handwriting, Health, History, Latin, Literature, Math, Music, Music History, Music Theory, Philosophy, Piano, Proofreading, Public Speaking, Reading, Religion, Science, Spanish, Special Needs, Spelling, Study Skills, Swimming, Vocabulary, World History, Writing

Description: I am a graduate from Trinity Western University with a BA in European Studies English literature and Fine Arts. I was on the Dean's list mutliple times and have extensive experience with writing, editing, proof reading, analysing literature, researching and english formats. I have helped others study and am great at finding trick and tips that help an individual prepare for an exam. I have written many different types of papers, essays, and reports. I also have experience with the arts, as I have traveled through Europe on art studies. I have also worked with individuals that have disabilities and am therefore patient and great at communication. I love public speaking and presentations. I am passionate about learning and would love to inspire your students as well.
Private Tutoring In Your Home


Levels:Childhood Education, Elementary, High School, College / University, Adult Education

Subjects:Composition, ESL, English, Grammar, IELTS, Learning Disability, Literature, Math, Phonics, Proofreading, Public Speaking, Reading, SAT, Special Needs, Spelling, Study Skills, TOEFL, Test Preparation, Vocabulary, Writing

Description: Knowledgeable and popular certified Vancouver teacher with over 20 years tutoring experience • In your home or anywhere • One-on-one/group lessons ---Kindergarten - grade 12, ESL and Learning Disabilities ---Help with IB & Online programs, IELTS, LET, LPI, Provincial Exam, SAT • FAST(Fundamental Academic Skills Tutoring)System guarantees fast improvement • This program is highly recommended by Vancouver ESL students and parents • Program includes report cards ---Last minute essay editing ---LPI preparation for BC Real Estate Course ---Kerrisdale, UBC, Oakridge, Downtown,Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey, Coquitlam, East Van **IF YOU ARE STRUGGLING IN ENGLISH, I CAN HELP YOU IMPROVE --- Phone:
Public Speaking / Drama Tutor


Levels:Adult Education, Childhood Education, College / University, Elementary, High School

Subjects:Career Development, Public Speaking, Theatre, Voice

Description: The Art of Speech and Drama tutors people to become more confident and compelling communicators and performers. We provide private lessons in public speaking and acting, as well as group classes and workshops for organizations. 
Math, Accounting, and Computer Software Tutor

Rate:$22 per hour

Levels:Adult Education, Childhood Education, College / University, High School

Subjects:ADD, Accounting, Adobe Photoshop, Advertising, Business, Career Development, Computer, Finance, HTML, Internet, Learning Disability, Marketing, Math, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Word, Public Speaking, Special Needs, Study Skills, Technology, Test Preparation, Trigonometry, Voice, Web Design, Web Development

Description: I specialize in maths, finance, accounting, and software at the highscool and college level. I am also experienced with working with people with Autism, Aspberger's Syndrome and ADHD. I have years of experience with teaching of adults, especially with software and employability skills. I also assist professionals and job seekers with public speaking, networking and their online presence. I hold a Business Admin diploma, a counselling certificate, and I am finishing up a 4 year honours degree.

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Public Speaking

According to Wikipedia, public speaking is a process of speaking to a group of people in a structured, deliberate manner intended to inform, influence or entertain the listeners.  Public speaking occurs in a variety of locations, including business meetings, schools, politics, social occasions and much more.

Hints for Public Speaking

Ask someone if they like to speak in front of a group of people and the answer is usually no.  Public speaking is an activity most people dread.  Many are uncomfortable speaking publicly and get nervous when asked to do so.  Here are a few tips to make public speaking a little easier.
  • Be prepared.  Spending an hour preparing the night before you’re supposed to give a speech isn’t enough.  It’s important to start preparing long before you are scheduled to present.  Gather the information you need and organize it in a logical fashion for maximum impact.
  • Know Your Audience.  If you aren’t already familiar with your audience, learn as much as you can about them.  Determine the appropriate style and tone for addressing them.  Present information that will resonate with them.
  • Practice.  No matter how much time you spend gathering information and preparing your message, your presentation of the material will not be effective if you don’t practice.  Rehearse your speech as if you were actually giving it to your audience.  Recruit someone you trust to watch and provide honest feedback, so you can make adjustments as necessary.
  • Relax.  It’s common to be nervous when speaking in public.  But being nervous can interfere with your delivery, decreasing the effectiveness of your message.  Take some time before your speech to relax.  Take a few deep breaths, listen to music or go for a short walk.  Do whatever works for you.
  • Slow Down.  Many people rush through a speech without even realizing it.  If you sound like you’re speaking at a normal, conversational pace, you’re probably speaking too fast.  Slow down.  Don’t be afraid to pause.  It will give you a chance to catch your breath and your audience a chance to think about the point you just made.

Get Help with Your Public Speaking

If you are looking for ways to improve your public speaking, there are a variety of resources available.  Many organizations offer seminars on public speaking.  These seminars usually last a day or two and focus on teaching participants techniques to improve their delivery. 

For more comprehensive instruction on public speaking, colleges and universities offer public speaking courses.  These are usually semester long classes that focus on everything from researching content to organizing it in the most effective way to delivering a compelling speech.

If you’re looking for a more individualized approach, public speaking tutors offer one-on-one coaching services to help individuals perfect the creation and delivery of their speeches.