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There are 3 Nova Scotia tutors to choose from.
Learning with Linda

Rate:$15.00 Hour

Levels:Adult Education, Childhood Education, Elementary

Subjects:Accent Reduction, Canadian History, ESL, English, Grammar, Handwriting, Literature, Public Speaking, Reading, Spelling, Vocabulary

Description: When my children were young, I decided that I would home-school them until they were ready to embark on a different learning path. They are now grown, and I would like to share what I learned by helping others.

I am an experienced tutor, interested in helping students discover what they already know and helping them build on that foundation. Each student will develop learning goals and a plan to achieve them.

I believe that strong reading skills will help the student achieve in all subjects.

I enjoy helping someone from another country continue to discover all the varity of the English language; the adult who did not complete high-school gain more education, and a young child having difficulty in school begin to feel confident.
Experienced Certified English Tutor


Levels:Adult Education, Childhood Education, High School

Subjects:ESL, Spanish

Description: I am a TESL certified English teacher with my bachelors in applied linguistics. I have taught and tutored English in four countries over the past five years. English is my native language and I thoroughly enjoy helping others learn this beautiful language. I am able to teach all levels of English. I have experience teaching business English and conversational English and to provide help with academic writing and IELTS prep.

I am also able to teach beginning/intermediate Spanish for those that would like to begin learning Spanish or would like to further develop their current Spanish speaking abilities.
Tutor  $12 / hour

Rate:$12 per hour

Levels:High School, College / University, Adult Education

Subjects:ESL, Editing, English, GED, IELTS, Literature, Reading, Study Skills, TOEFL, Test Preparation, Vocabulary, Writing

Description: Certified Teacher > B.Ed. and NS Teaching license, ESL Cer
Experience > 11 years – Nova Scotia, and Overseas

Fee > $12/hour
Level > High School - Adult

I am a Canadian native speaker and have been an Overseas teacher for 11 years. I spent 4 years in China. 3 years at King Saud University in Saudi Arabia, and a year teaching Academic and General English at Sohar College of Applied Science in Sohar, Oman. I also taught Ontario High School English Literature and Business courses for two 2 years at Jinling School in Nanjing. China. 
In Addition, between Sept. 2015 and Jan/2015, I taught Nova Scotia High School Grade 11 English Literature at Suzhou High School in Suzhou, China as part of the Nova Scotia Sino-Canada Overseas Schools Program.
I have 3 degrees including an Education degree from St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia, Canada. I also have a TC5 provincial teacher's license from Nova Scotia, Canada. In addition, I have a TEFL certification from i-to-I TEFL
My CV demonstrates my commitment to community involvement, school activities and a philosophy of a lifetime of learning.

I have a strong trail of experience as an English teacher. The three years at King Saud University has exposed me to E- learning, IELTS preparation, EAP courses, ESP courses in business, professional development workshops, self-learning skills, continuous assessment and a lot of practical experience developing teaching skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking to the middle east student.

Specifically, I have experience teaching: 1/ IELTS Prep. 2/ Journal Writing, 3/ Short Stories, 4/ Novel Study, 5/ Essay Writing, (five types), 6/ Media Studies, 7/ Poetry, 8/ Literary Terms, 9/ Plays, 10/ Social Media Responsibility, 11/ Online Blogs, 12/ Speeches, 13/ Debates, 14/ interviews, 15/ Graphic Text Analysis.

My Macro / Micro Economics teaching experience includes fundamental economic concepts such as scarcity, opportunity costs, production possibilities, specialization, comparative advantage, demand, supply, and price determination. Major topics included measurement of economic performance, national income and price determination, fiscal and monetary policy, and international economics and growth.
My classes are interactive, student oriented and accented with a broad range of knowledge of other countries and academic subjects. I have a strong clear voice and I am expressive in my oral presentations to the students. Many of my assessment exercises involve oral presentation by the student using the content of the course as a basis for oral speaking development.
I am punctual, prepared for class, and adhere to the regulations of the school and the plans of Administration. My goal is to inspire learning through interesting, varied and interactive activities. I have learned the importance of respect for cultural practices and sensitivity as a means to enhance rapport, respect and learning in the classroom

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