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School Is Easy In Home Tutoring
Cities:Kelowna, Langley, Mississauga, Richmond, Surrey, Vancouver, Victoria

Rate:$38-$44 per/hr one on one

Levels:Adult Education, Childhood Education, College / University, Elementary, High School

Subjects:ADD, AP, Accent Reduction, Accounting, Algebra, Anatomy, Anthropology, Art History, Astronomy, Biochemistry, Biology, Business, Calculus, Canadian History, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Composition, Discrete Math, Dyslexia, ESL, Economics, Editing, Electrical Engineering, English, European History, Finance, French, GED, GMAT, GRE, Geography, Geology, Geometry, German, Grammar, Handwriting, History, IB, IELTS, Japanese, Kinesiology, LSAT, Law, Learning Disability, Linguistics, Literature, Mandarin, Marketing, Math, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Reading, SAT, SSAT, Science, Sociology, Spanish, Special Needs, Spelling, Statistics, Study Skills, TOEFL, Test Preparation, Trigonometry, Vocabulary, World History, Writing, Zoology

Description: School Is Easy Tutoring has a strong force of carefully screened certified teachers who provide one on one tutoring in the comfort of the students' home. We put you in touch with a teacher within 48 hours or less. Pay as you go! No contract. We are easy to work with and flexible. We offer our services in Metro Vancouver, Fraser Valley,Victoria, Comox Valley and the Okanagan in B.C. We also service Mississauga in Ontario. We provide each new student with a free success guide. School Is Easy Tutoring won 1st place for the Better Business Bureau Marketplace Excellence Award 2015 and was voted 2nd place for the People's Pick award. The award stands for honesty, integrity and trust in the community. Our team is passionate about helping students succeed and gain confidence. 
Unleashed Potential Tutoring


Levels:Adult Education, Childhood Education, College / University, Elementary, High School

Subjects:Biochemistry, Biology, Calculus, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, French, Math, Physics, Science

Description: Unleashed Potential Tutoring is proud to offer private tutoring services to students in the Calgary, Chestermere and Airdrie area. Our expert team of tutors prepare students for courses at both high school and university levels. 
We offer free assessment of your child's ability, current grades, strengths and weaknesses in our attempt to match them with the best possible tutor. 
Our tutoring locations are flexble and geared towards providing the best possible study environment. Our tutors are happy to come to your home, a public library or a nearby academic institution.
MyTutor | Tutoring Ottawa - University Tutor


Levels:College / University

Subjects:Accounting, Algebra, Biochemistry, Biology, Business, Calculus, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Computer, Differential Equations, Discrete Math, Economics, Electrical Engineering, Finance, Math, Mechanical Engineering, Medicine, Physics, Science, Statistics, Study Skills, Test Preparation, Trigonometry

Description: Ottawa Tutoring - We are the best university tutoring service in Ottawa, and have the highest standards. Contact us today to find the perfect university tutor for you!
Math,Physics,Chemistry,Science,Biology,French,English & Engineering Tutoring

Rate:30-40$ Per Hour

Levels:Adult Education, College / University, Elementary, High School

Subjects:Accounting, Algebra, AutoCAD, Biochemistry, Biology, C++, Calculus, Chemistry, Differential Equations, Discrete Math, Economics, Electrical Engineering, English, French, Geometry, Math, Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Science, Trigonometry

Description: PhD Engineering student with many years of teaching experience in Montreal offering Private or group tutorials for:

ALL SUBJECTS: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Science, French & English!

ALL LEVELS: University, College, High School & Elementary School!

Understanding the raw material, Homework/assignments, Preparation for exams!

University level:


MATH 200,MATH 201,MATH 202,MATH 203,MATH 204,MATH 205,MATH 206,MATH 208,MATH 209,MATH 251,MATH 252,STAT 249 !

PHYS 204, PHYS 205, PHYS 206, PHYS 245, PHYS 252, PHYS 253, PHYS 354, PHYS 334, PHYS 367!

CHEM 205, CHEM 206, CHEM 221, CHEM 222!

All Other Engineering, Accounting & Economics Subjects!


MATH 122, MATH 123, MATH 133, MATH 140, MATH 141, MATH 111, MATH 112, MATH 150, MATH 151!

PHYS 101, PHYS 102, PHYS 131, PHYS 142!

CHEM 110, CHEM 120

All Other Engineering, Accounting & Economics Subjects!

CEGEP Level:

Math: Calculus (1, II & III), Linear Algebra, ODE, Pre Calculus and more!

Physics: Mechanics (NYA), Electricity & Magnetism (NYB), Waves & Optics (NYC) and more!

Chemistry: Chemistry of Solutions, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and more!

Biology: General Biology, Micro Biology and more

All other courses as well!

High School & Elementary Level:


I am PhD Engineering Student and more than 8 years experience in tutoring!

Schedules and Locations are quite flexible!

Reasonable rates (30-40$ per hour)!

Private Sessions OR Group Sessions!

I have students from Concordia, McGill, University of Montreal, Dawson, Vanier, Marianopolis, John Abbott and more!

Thank you!


Rate:Starting at $8.33/hour for group class and $20 for one-on-one

Levels:Adult Education, College / University, High School

Subjects:Math, Mechanical Engineering

Description: You have absolutely nothing to lose with a FREE first hour trial class at NO CHARGE.
I offer tutoring for small groups and one-on-one at a very reasonable rate. I provide printout work sheets for extra practice at no extra cost. I guarantee a personal and enjoyable learning experience that'll help my students reach their potential.

I have over 10 years of excellent memorable experience teaching students from all grades in the topics ranging from, but not limited to, Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Linear Algebra, Functions, Advanced Functions, Pre-Calculus, Calculus and Vectors. All in accordance with the Ontario High School Curriculum.

I am a Mechanical Engineer graduate from the University of Ottawa with an excellent academic standing. I have a great track record with improving my students' performance. All references, awards and achievement, transcript of grades are available upon request FREE OF CHARGE.

I guarantee the following: Excellent results Improve/maintain each students' grade after few sessions or your money back ((if you are willing to put some effort) Assist with school lessons and homework. Follow the Ontario Curriculum Provide advance preparation for the next grade
Number Sense and Numeration
Data Management and Probability
Geometry and Spatial Sense
Patterning and Algebra
Grade 6 EQAO Preparation

MPM1D: Principles of Mathematics (Academic)
MFM1P: Foundations of Mathematics (Applied)
EQAO Preparation

MPM2D: Principles of Math (Academic)
MFM2P: Foundations of Math (Applied)

MCR3U: Functions, University Preparation
MCF3M: Functions and Applications (Mixed, University/College)
MBF3C: Foundations for College Mathematics

MHF4U: Advanced Functions (University)
MCV4U: Calculus and Vectors (University)
MAP4C: Foundations for College Mathematics

Calculus (Differential and Integrals)

RATES (Flexible times and reasonable rates.):
ONE ON ONE: $25 / hour

GROUP CLASS (6 students max): **Promotional** $8.33 / hour (lowest rate in all of GTA) Family discount applies. Students can make their own groups, provided they know other students who need the extra help.
I tutor at my home in Scarborough. If you are interested in registering, please call me after 5 pm and anytime on weekends.

Only very few spots remaining.
High School Math Help

Rate:varies for group or 1 on 1 need and depends upon subjects, school

Levels:Adult Education, College / University, Elementary, High School

Subjects:Algebra, C++, Calculus, Computer, Discrete Math, Electrical Engineering, Geometry, IB, Internet, Math, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint

Description: We provide coaching, homework help to high school, under grad students in Mathematics, Physics, Electronics, Computer Science, software projects. York University courses : cs2021, cs1090 Math, Verilog, SystemVerilog, Assembly Language

McMaster University: Comp Eng 2DP4, COMP ENG 2SH4 , C Programming, Assembly Language, matlab, Digital Signal Processing

High school: Grade 9-12 math, calculus MCV4U, MPM1D, MFM1P, MPM2D, MFM2P, MBF3C, MCF3M, MCR3U, Advanced Functions (MHF4U) 

Adults: Software C, C++, verilog, systemverilog, Perl, Unix, Linux, Windows Elementary: Hindi Yoga, Pranayam for all ages

Ontario: Concord, Thornhill, Maple, Richmond Hill, North York, Markham, Hamilton, Mississauga, Oakville, King City, Aurora, Newmarket, Woodbridge, Vaughan, Nobelton , King Township
Experienced Tutor- Math/Chemisty/Physics- Great Reviews!!


Levels:College / University, Elementary, High School

Subjects:Algebra, AutoCAD, Calculus, Chemistry, Differential Equations, Discrete Math, Geometry, Learning Disability, Math, Mechanical Engineering, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Word, Physics, SAT, Science, Statistics, Trigonometry

Description: Get help for the following:

--->High School Math , Physics & Chemistry (all levels), 

--->University entry level Physics & Math calculus 

--->adult students preparing for trade entrance Math exams

--->students taking correspondence Math & Physics courses.

Graduated with a BSc in Physics from UBC and have been tutoring for six years. 
Holder of BC Teacher Certification. 
Worked for Sylvan Learning Centre and Public Schools in the past, and have a very systematic approach to tutoring.

I'm a young and energetic individual, who can easily connect with the students to understand their specific requirements for the course.

I can tutor in your home or a location of your choice. I am available afternoons and evenings including weekends and will do my best to accommodate your schedule. I understand it's a busy time at school and every one is on a tight schedule.

You can email me anytime.

Students have given me great reviews for helping them achieve success in difficult courses.

Fees are very affordable, from $14 to $22/hr

Mathematics and Civil Engineering Courses


Levels:Adult Education, Childhood Education, College / University, Elementary, High School

Subjects:Algebra, Civil Engineering, Geography, Math

Description: With over 5 years experience in teaching elementary and high school mathematics and also experience in teaching University civil engineering course
Capital Tutor


Levels:Adult Education, Childhood Education, College / University, Elementary, High School

Subjects:Accounting, Algebra, American History, Anatomy, Anthropology, Biochemistry, Biology, Botany, Business, C++, Calculus, Canadian History, Career Development, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Computer, Differential Equations, Discrete Math, ESL, Electrical Engineering, English, European History, Finance, Finite, French, GED, GMAT, GRE, Geography, Geometry, Grammar, History, Java, LSAT, Law, Learning Disability, MCAT, Math, Mechanical Engineering, Medicine, Philosophy, Physics, Physiology, Political Science, Proofreading, Psychology, Reading, SAT, Science, Sociology, Special Needs, Spelling, Statistics, Study Skills, TOEFL, Test Preparation, World History, Writing, Zoology

Infinity Plus One Tutoring

Rate:Call for more information

Levels:Adult Education, College / University, High School

Subjects:Algebra, Calculus, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Differential Equations, Discrete Math, Economics, Math, Physics, Psychology, Statistics, Trigonometry

Description: Ottawa Tutoring is our specialty. We have been educating students in Ottawa for over 20 years. Our experience is in helping Carleton and Ottawa University, Algonquin College and the local High School students through a full range of academic courses. Some of the many courses we tutor are: Mathematics all types, Calculus, Algebra, Statistics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics to name a few. We have been and continue to be the largest and best provider of tutoring in Ottawa for Carleton University, Ottawa University and High Schools all over Ottawa. Word of mouth testimonials have been a mainstay in our original and continued growth. We are the trusted educators students rely on to help them attain their full academic potential. You have come to the right place. Call us today.

Engineering Tutoring Subjects