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Science And Math


Levels:Elementary, High School

Subjects:Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Math, Science

Description: I charge 25 for elementary school OR 25$ first 3 lessons and 5$ for forth lesson.
i charge 30 for high school OR 30$ first 3 lessons and 10$ for forth lesson. 
Infinity Plus One Tutoring

Rate:Call for more information

Levels:Adult Education, College / University, High School

Subjects:Algebra, Calculus, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Differential Equations, Discrete Math, Economics, Math, Physics, Psychology, Statistics, Trigonometry

Description: Ottawa Tutoring is our specialty. We have been educating students in Ottawa for over 20 years. Our experience is in helping Carleton and Ottawa University, Algonquin College and the local High School students through a full range of academic courses. Some of the many courses we tutor are: Mathematics all types, Calculus, Algebra, Statistics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics to name a few. We have been and continue to be the largest and best provider of tutoring in Ottawa for Carleton University, Ottawa University and High Schools all over Ottawa. Word of mouth testimonials have been a mainstay in our original and continued growth. We are the trusted educators students rely on to help them attain their full academic potential. You have come to the right place. Call us today.
Private Tutor (Grade K-6)

Rate:$40-$60 per hour.

Levels:Childhood Education, Elementary

Subjects:Accent Reduction, ESL, English, Grammar, Handwriting, Math, Phonics, Portuguese, Reading, Religion, Science, Spelling, Study Skills, Test Preparation, Vocabulary, Voice, Writing

Description: I am a qualified and licensed Canadian teacher. I provide support and supplementary lessons for primary/junior aged students in Mathematics, English, and Science. I use a modern and dynamic teaching approach to cater to students needs in an enriched, one-on-one learning environment. I have 5 years of experience teaching English Language Learners (ELL). As a result, I have strong knowledge of English language acquisition strategies to help ELL students clarify concepts and consolidate skills. 
Math 1 to 12, Calculus, Advanced Functions, Functions, Physics, EQAO by lady tutor


Levels:Elementary, High School

Subjects:Calculus, GRE, Geometry, Grammar, Handwriting, IB, Math, Microsoft Word, Physics, Science, Spelling, Study Skills, TOEFL, Test Preparation, Trigonometry, Writing

Description: Get quality and affordable tutoring services for the following subjects:

Grade 9/10 - Principle of Mathematics
Grade 11 - Functions, Foundation of College Mathematics
Grade 12 - Advanced Functions, Calculus and Vectors 
Math 1 -12
Science 1- 10
Physics 11 - 12
Independent Learning courses for Calculus, Math
TOEFL Essay Writing
GRE Math Preparation
EQAO 3 , 6 , 9 Writing Techniques , Math skills

Major intersection is Creditview Rd and Britannia Rd near Heartland and Streetsville area.

Tutoring services are provided for females ( grade 1-12 and could be above ), or young boys ( grade 6 or lower ) at home based Tutoring centre.
Proficient female Computer Engineer ( also attended Canadian unversity ) is providing tutoring services

Rates $ 15 per hour ( Applicable to some timings )
First 30 minute tutoring session for free

Math/Sciences/English/Etc Tutoring Starting @ $10/hr

Rate:Starting at $10/hr

Levels:Adult Education, Childhood Education, College / University, Elementary, High School

Subjects:Algebra, Anatomy, Biochemistry, Biology, C++, Calculus, Chemistry, Computer, Differential Equations, Discrete Math, Editing, English, Geography, Geology, Geometry, Grammar, HTML, History, Internet, Literature, Math, Networking, Phonics, Physics, Physiology, Proofreading, Reading, Science, Spelling, Study Skills, Technology, Test Preparation, Trigonometry, Vocabulary, Writing

Description: We are whats known as "Study Skills" Tutors and we operate all throughout the Vancouver, BC area (including Burnaby, Richmond, and New Westminster). Click on Our Philosophy to find out more. Or visit our website at . If you are experiencing difficulty in school, you are not alone. Throughout my years of tutoring high school and elementary students in Vancouver I have seen and helped many students achieve their full potential by addressing a fundamental skill lacking in today's students. My team of tutors and I work to not only make sure the student understands and can apply the material, we make sure to arm them with the study skills and learning techniques that are relevant for any course at any academic level. Aside from the letter grade, this is the biggest return on your investment. We also like to have after-class reports to parents/guardians documenting what we achieved during that class. We know you guys care about your child's progress, and we think its important for tutors to keep the parents in the loop. We have 2 fixed locations in Vancouver, 1 in Burnaby/New Westminster but we operate all throughout the Greater Vancouver Area. Go to Locations to find out more. Contact us to book a FREE consultation with no obligations. Once we have identified the weak points, we will develop a personalized "course of treatment" to either get you back on track, or help you get to the next level.


Levels:College / University, High School

Subjects:Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Differential Equations, GMAT, GRE, Geometry, MCAT, Math, Physics, SAT, Science, Trigonometry

Description: Colachi is your reliable and effective resource for learning in Windsor and Greater Essex County. We provide in-home tutoring services as well as teach our students at the center.
We help with home work, discuss assignments, teach new skills and test whatever is already learned. Our one-to-one teaching is result oriented, friendly and highly effective. Our past students have proven record of success and have improved their grades.
Colachi specializes in tutoring in the following subjects:
1) Mathematics (all grades)
2) Science (all grades)
3) Physics (high school and college)
4) Chemistry (high school and college)
5) Biology (high school and college)
6) Test preparation for GMAT, GRE, MCAT and SAT.

For registration and fees visit
Providing quality education at reasonable cost. We are open 7 days a week. Call for further details.
Health Science, Maths,


Levels:Childhood Education, College / University, Elementary, High School

Subjects:Algebra, Anatomy, Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Discrete Math, Geometry, Health, Math, Medicine, Physics, Physiology, Psychology, Science, Statistics, Trigonometry, Zoology

Description: I have a passion for teaching, and have been admired by my students who enjoy my teaching with new innovative ideas
I make learning easy and fun. I have tutored and trained students of all level, middle and high school, college to university level. My field of education is Medicine, Microbiology, Epidemiology and Biostatistics .I have received training in Education and Learning. I have been involved in teaching, college students, medical students, nurses, technologists and others. I have tutored middle School and high school students in Science and Mathematics and helped in exam preparations. Looking forward to all variety of students and my rate will be negotiable and depending on the type of students and learning requirements. Will personally talk to the student and will make a combined plan on coaching and tutoring methodology using interactive and innovative ideas.
Math tutor

Rate:50.00 /hr

Levels:Adult Education, College / University, Elementary, High School


Description: Are you looking for an excellent math tutor? then you just found one :) I have a B. math, Masters in Art of Teaching Math and over 25 years experience as a math teacher tutor the first hour is free so you can see if it will work for you.I specialize in senior high school . I look forward to hearing from you and discussing how best to meet your needs.
One of the keys to very succesful tutoring is to start getting the help at the very start of the course. I would love to discuss your math needs and avail yourself of the first hour free tutoring offer 
Lrm Education


Levels:Adult Education, Childhood Education, College / University, Elementary, High School

Subjects:AP, Accent Reduction, Accounting, Advertising, Algebra, Art, Biochemistry, Biology, Business, Calculus, Canadian History, Career Development, Chemistry, Composition, Discrete Math, Dyslexia, ESL, Ear Training, Economics, Editing, English, Finance, Geography, Geology, Geometry, Grammar, History, IB, Internet, Italian, Korean, Law, Learning Disability, Linguistics, Literature, Mandarin, Marketing, Math, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Physics, Public Speaking, Reading, Science, Study Skills, Test Preparation, Trigonometry, Web Design

Description: Choosing a tutor used to be difficult but now LRM Education offers quality tutoring to our students for an unparalleled low price! Our tutors are committed to seeing improvement in your grades. The tutors at LRM Education are dedicated to improving our student's grades through personalized learning and one on one assistance. Our goal is to have all of our students maintaining A-level grades through their education journey. There are many services offered at LRM Education, Subjects of instruction include but are not limited to Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Calculus, English, Italian, Mandarin, Geography, Social Studies, Music and much more.
Regal Tutoring

Rate:Please contact us

Levels:Elementary, High School

Subjects:Art, Business, Economics, English, French, Grammar, Math, Writing

Description: Regal Tutoring Offers...

Experience We are tutors with over 15 years of experience in education, training and coaching. As parents we understand your need to ensure your child is ahead in school. We design programs for your child as we would for our own.

Small Class Sizes and Individualized Attention The aim of Regal Tutoring is to provide personalised attention by keeping class size to a max of 2 students per tutor.

A Friendly Environment Our teaching style is friendly, motivational and rewarding. Our aim is to ensure all students are comfortable in their learning environment and we do this by engaging the student in discussions and let them explore new ways of learning.

Convenient Location We are located next to Macklin Public School so attending classes before and after school make it convenient for the student and parents. Sessions can also be held at your premises.

Respectful Environment We set high standards for behaviour so students feel safe and comfortable. There will be no tolerance for bullying! Extreme behaviours such as physical and verbal abuse are not acceptable.
Teaching Tools A variety of teaching tools such as discussions, computers, games and workbooks are used to develop the child's mind. Our aim is to teach students concepts that they can use for solving problems in school and beyond using an optimal mix of learning tools.

Progress Report
Parents are provided an update on their child's progress through a Progress Report which will indicate what they have learnt and how they are doing.

Math Tutoring Subjects