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RN Examination Tutor
City:Maple Ridge


Levels:College / University, Adult Education

Subjects:CRNE Preparation, Nursing, Test Preparation

Description: Most students fail or have to take the exam repeatedly because they lack the fundamental information/exam content as well as the appropriate strategy to deal with each question. We can teach you the basics of the test preparation. If you are a new nursing graduate or an internationally trained nurse who will be writing the CRNE to become a Registered Nurse in BC, Canada, we can help you prepare by attending a 3-hour class twice a week for 10 meetings.
Wilma Gervasio, RN, BScN, MA


Levels:College / University

Subjects:CRNE Preparation

Description: Small group tutorial, distance education,1:1 private tutoring for the CRNE & SEC. Wilma has 40 years of nursing experience in all fields, 38 years of classroom & clinical nursing experience at university level, 24 years of CRNE tutoring. These tutorials are thru the use of learning modules that are complimentary provided to all participants. Participants learn how to study including multiple choice exams, coping with anxiety related to exam writing, review of major concepts/subjects in nursing. This program has the highest success rate in BC since 1986. Wilma has traveled extensively to Alberta & Asia to offer this program to nurses applying to register in Canada. Contact with the tutor is via the phone, email, skype, facebook & tweeter.
Professional Tutoring Service


Levels:Adult Education, Childhood Education, College / University, Elementary, High School

Subjects:Algebra, American History, Art History, Business, CRNE Preparation, Dyslexia, Editing, English, European History, GMAT, Grammar, Hebrew, History, IELTS, Internet, Learning Disability, Linguistics, Literature, Math, Music History, Music Theory, Proofreading, Reading, Religion, Russian, SAT, Sign Language, Special Needs, Spelling, Study Skills, TOEFL, Theatre, Vocabulary, World History, Writing

Description: ~~Professional Education Tutoring Service
Rate $25/Hr
Tutoring Service(Grades 1-12)
Experienced Teacher-M.A ,a teaching certificate,ESL Certification Tutoring Subjects:
-preparation for an interview
-English (all levels-IELTS,TOEFL,TOEIC prepare for a literacy test)
-Math(General,Calculus, Probability)
-Social Studies
*Referrals Greatly Appreciated

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The CRNE is a standardized exam required to become a registered nurse in all provinces in Canada except Quebec.  Developed by the Canadian Nurses Association, the exam is used to assess whether nursing candidates have the knowledge that is required to become an entry-level registered nurse.  The CRNE measures competency in four broad areas, including:

  • Professional Practice
  • Nurse-Client Partnership
  • Health and Wellness
  • Changes in Health

Although the exam is created by the Canadian Nurses Association, it is administered by the provincial and territorial authorities who are responsible for ensuring nurses are qualified before they begin practicing.  The CRNE is offered in English or French three times a year, and it takes about four hours to complete.  The exam is administered in the fall, winter and summer.  In general, students are allowed to take the exam only three times.  However, there may be exceptions.

CRNE Format

The CRNE consists of 200 multiple choice questions.  There are two types of questions on the exam—independent and case-based.  The independent questions are unrelated to any other questions on the exam.  The case-based questions are related to a brief health scenario that is presented.  Following the case are three to five multiple choice questions related to the scenario that was presented.  In addition, there are 20 “test” questions on the exam that are not scored.

CRNE Scoring

The score that is needed to pass the exam is set by a panel of subject matter experts and is determined by the level of difficulty of the exam questions.  Candidates who score higher than the established standard earn a passing mark, while candidates who score lower than the standard fail the exam.

The exam is scored by computer, so students must record all of their answers on the answer sheet provided.  Answers that are recorded elsewhere and questions with more than one answer selected will not be scored.  Scores are sent to the candidate’s regulatory authority four to eight weeks after the exam, and the province/territory is responsible for sending the results to the candidates.

Preparing for the CRNE

The Canadian Nurse’s Association has developed a Prep Guide and Readiness Test to help candidates prepare for the CRNE.  Both are available in English or French.  The Prep Guide contains practice questions with answers and explanations, as well as test-taking strategies and study tips.  The Readiness Test is an online practice exam consisting of 100 multiple choice questions.  Although it is shorter than the CRNE, it simulates a real-life testing situation and gives students an opportunity to identify their strengths and weaknesses.

CRNE tutors and prep classes are available to help candidates who need more than study materials to reach their potential.  Both of these options give students a chance to review the types of questions that will be on the exam and learn helpful test-taking strategies and techniques in a structured environment.