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Ontario Separate School Funding Faces New Challenge

June 22, 2017

Ontario's Catholic school system dates back to the 1800s, but activists hope to merge it with the secular system

Way back in the 19th Century, Ontario’s public schools were Protestant. As part of the British North America Act (BNA), a separate Catholic school board system was set out to provide for the province’s large Catholic population. In the many years since then, the public system became thoroughly secular, but the Catholic system still exists, funded almost entirely by the provincial government.


There has long been talk of merging the Catholic system with the secular one, but politically it has always been a kind of “third rail” in provincial elections. Back in 2007, then-candidate John Tory proposed to expand religious school funding to cover other faiths as well in the interest of fairness, but the idea received widespread criticism and was abandoned. Since t

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The Number of Foreign Students in Canadian Universities is Skyrocketing

June 7, 2017

The trend is sharply up an looks set to continue

Canadian universities can be busy, bustling places, and if it seems lately that many have an increasingly foreign flavour, well, that’s because they do. The number of foreign students at Canadian universities has soared, increasing an astonishing 130% since 2007. In total, nearly half a million foreign students are studying in Canada.


Why Canada? Well, our reputation worldwide is pretty solid. People think of Canadians as decent, polite and friendly. What’s more, Canada has an enviably low crime rate, an excellent health care system and very good public health. All these factors ensure parents feel comfortable sending their kids thousands of kilometres to get their degree. Add to that the fact that tuition in Canada is substantially lower than in the US -- up to $10,00

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Standardized Testing Influencing Ontario Home Prices

May 26, 2017

Home buyers are heavily influenced by test scores

The real estate market in Ontario, especially in the Toronto area, has shown growth that can only be called massive -- even extreme. There are many reasons why home prices are continuing to soar, but one of those reasons may be a bit surprising: public school standardized test scores.


In short, the higher the test scores a school attains, the higher it is likely to boost nearby real estate prices. How influential are those scores? Here’s what one expert has to say:


The CEO of real estate search website Zoocasa, Lauren Haw, says she too has seen price differences in the "hundreds of thousands" between nearby houses in different school board catchment areas.


It goes without saying that the real estate market is complex, but who knew that standardize

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Canada Marking 150 Years As a Nation

May 12, 2017

Loads of celebrations and activities are in the works to mark Canada's 150th anniversary

In the year 1867, a century and a half ago, Canada was born. This being a nice round (ish) number, it’s become quite a to-do with celebrations, ceremonies and a very long list of activities from coast to coast to coast. Particular attention is being paid to creating activities for young people.


Here are some links to get you started:


Canada 150 Teaching Resources

This is an amazing collection of resources related to Canada 150, including facts, activities and even lesson plans. Definitely worth checking out!


A Kid’s Guide to Canada

Lots of links for youngsters related to Canada 150.


ParticipACTION Canada 150 PlayList

Yup, even the organization you remember from your childhood is getting in on the game!


Your local area should also have

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