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How (And Why) To Invest In an RESP

February 16, 2017

investing in an resp can benefit your children when they reach university age

When our children are still little, it can be impossible to imagine them all grown up and headed off to university. That goal, however, is one we all want for our kids. The problem, however, is that paying for it when it happens can be a real challenge. Tuition is on the rise in Canada, student loan debt is becoming a real problem -- and who knows where things will be once today’s elementary students begin firing off their university applications.


The good news, however, is that a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) can really help. Now we’re used to thinking of investments in terms of finding extra money to put aside for the future, and it can be very difficult to find the cash necessary to make such investments worthwhile. The great thing about a RESP, however, i

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Studying Abroad While In High School

February 2, 2017

Spending a year of high school abroad may seem like a dream, but it's a dream that can come true; with work and planning, it can happen!

Foreign exchange students appear as characters in many TV shows and movies, but one forgets that in addition to hosting students from other countries, Canadian high schools across the country send their own students all around the world. This can be a wonderful, eye-opening experience that teaches young people about the world -- and about themselves. It’s definitely a step worth considering.


The first thing to do is pick a country. Pretty much any country, really! Exchange programs are so widespread that you can go almost anywhere in the world. Keep in mind, however, that some countries have more opportunities than others; you’ll find more programs aimed at the UK, France and Japan, for instance, than you will for Turkey, El Salvador or Vietnam. So you will need to be a

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Surviving the winter weather

January 25, 2017

Winter can make school a big struggle, but with a little effort things don't have to be a struggle

Believe it or not there are people who like winter. In fact, there are people who love winter. But it can be a difficult time to be a student -- long nights and short days, low temperatures, lousy weather and a general air of crabbiness can make it very hard to concentrate on studies.


Over at TeachHub.com, they’ve compiled a helpful list of pointers for getting through the time of year that’s so bleak for so many people. Among the tips is to concentrate on the big picture:


It has often been said, “It’s not what you’re working on, it’s what you’re working toward.” Remind students of the big picture of what they’re working toward. Make the goals of the class big, visible, colorful, and something that’s actually worth

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Use TED-Ed to Tutor your Students

January 12, 2017

How to use TED-Ed in your tutoring

What is TED-Ed?

TED-Ed was created to inspire the next generation.  Through a series of educational videos on a wide variety of subjects, it has been designed specifically for high school aged children. From science to “What’s so great about the great lakes?”, TED-Ed Covers a wide variety of categories and are constantly expanding their selection.

What they Offer

The videos are short but have depth and the kids are encouraged to think about and discuss what they observe. TED-Ed’s platform enables you to easily create your own lesson plans personalized for each of your students that they can access at any time.
With each video there is a ‘think’ section with questions to help encourage the students to remember back on what they just learned a... Read full article
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Generation Z Students, Are You Preparing Them for Their Future?

January 3, 2017

Are you preparing your Generation Z students for the future? The vast majority of Generation Z teachers believe they are preparing children for jobs that now do not exist.

Are you preparing your Generation Z students for success? It may be harder than you think. 

What is Generation Z? 

According to Gen HQ, Generation Z includes anyone born between 1996-present

What is the Challenge? 

As published in Education World in an article called Gen Z Educators Believe they are Prepping Students for Jobs that Don't Exist Yet, many educators believe that they don't even know what they are preparing their students for! 

According to the survey, the overwhelming majority of educators (94 percent) believe students will graduate to take on jobs that don’t yet exist; 75 percent said they need better tools to best prepare students for this future unpredictable workforce.

If we do not know what we are preparing these children fo

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How to Write a Tutoring Business Plan

November 17, 2016

Struggling with your Tutoring Business Plan? Check out our blog for more ideas on how to launch and market your tutoring business.

There are three core components of any tutoring business plan: a description of what types of services you will offer, a summary of your target market and how you plan to reach these individuals via advertising, and a quick analysis of your financial break-even point. Below, we’ll work through each of these elements, point-by-point, so that you’ll be ready to create a listing on www.tutortindex.ca.


#1: A Description of What Makes You Unique for your Tutoring Business Plan


This first element of your tutoring business plan may sound obvious, but it’s always surprising how many people overlook what needs to be included here - a short summary of what makes you unique from all the other tutors in your field of specialty. Here, you might include elements fro

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Tips on Essay Writing

October 27, 2016

Learn our Tips on Essay Writing. Our tutors can help with your essay writing. Browse our list of writing tutors to help you get started today.

Tips on Essay Writing
Essay writing
is one of the mandatory parts of any Language curriculum, starting from the early grades and continuing right through high school and of course into college. But many students are scared and nervous about essay writing, mainly due to the fact that they cannot think of what to write or they find it extremely tedious to write so much.


Here is a list of effective tips for essay writing, which can make the task easier for all students.


Essay Writing Tip 1: Brainstorm about the points to be made – In many school exams and competitions, usually the essay topics are supplied to the students. First, it is best to read the topic thoroughly in order to understand it. If there are multiple options given, it is best to choose the topic you are most familiar with,

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Benefits of Online Tutoring

October 13, 2016

Here are just six of the unique ways that online tutoring can benefit any student. Need an online tutor? Search our database to find an online tutor that fits your needs.

Tutoring used to be perceived as being sort of like psychotherapy - a remedy for a defect, only needed if there was a problem. More and more, though, as the weaknesses of traditional education become more clear and the public school system becomes more financially burdened, tutoring, particularly online tutoring, is coming to be seen as something that can supplement any student's education and even help exceptional students to excel. Here are just six of the unique ways that online tutoring can benefit any student.

#1. Benefit of Online Tutoring: One-on-One Attention

Most students in schools today suffer from a more common form of attention deficit disorder: a deficit of attention from teachers. Even before the economic recession became big news, teachers were overburdened with ov... Read full article
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Struggling with Homework? Top Study and Homework Help Tips

September 15, 2016

Are you experiencing "homework headaches? These Homework Help Tips may ultimately help your child succeed and eliminate your homework headaches. Top 5 Homework Help Tips - Tutor Index

Are you experiencing "homework headaches?" Is your child struggling to keep up with his or her math homework? Does it take hours after school to complete one worksheet? Does your child resist homework? Is your assistance needed on most of your kid’s assignments? If any of these scenarios sound familiar a few homework help tips might help. These guidelines may ultimately help your child succeed and eliminate your homework headaches.

#1 Homework Help Tip: Eliminate Distractions

Turn off the TV and phone. Make a house rule, that when it is study time, it is “no TV or phone” time. A television set or phone that is on will draw youngsters like ants to honey.

What about the radio or other audio devices? Should it be on or off? Contrary to what many specialists s... Read full article
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