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Saskatchewan Cancels Library Closure Plans

April 28, 2017

In wake of protests, Saskatchewan reconsiders library closings

In an earlier blog post, we brought you a story out of Saskatchewan, where declining use and tighter budgets led to a plan to cut funding for community and school libraries, a decision that would lead to many closures. However, a surprising tide of protest led to the provincial government to reconsider that decision.


Resistance to the cuts grew from the community level, particularly in many of Saskatchewan’s small towns, where library resources, and even Internet access, can be limited.


Protests included petitions, marches and “read-ins.” In response to the pressure the government has ordered a “review” of the cuts.

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Malala Yousafzai Encourages Canadian Students

April 13, 2017

The famed rights advocate wowed Parliament with an unprecedented address

Nobel laureate and rights advocate for human rights Malala Yousafzai addressed Parliament recently, urging her Canadian supporters to support the education of girls worldwide.


"Your motto and your stand, welcome to Canada, is more than a headline or a hashtag," she said. "It is the spirit of humanity that every single one of us would yearn for if our family was in crisis. I pray that you continue to open your homes, your hearts, to the world's most defenceless children and families and I hope your neighbours will follow your example."


She also called on young people in Canada to become become active in bettering their society:


"I used to think I had to wait to be an adult to lead. But I've learned that even a child's voice can be

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School Library Cuts Highlight Changing Technology

March 31, 2017

Provincial cuts to school libraries highlight a steady decline in library usage

In Saskatchewan, the provincial government has cut funding for school libraries. This may seem a surprising development, since libraries traditionally play a central role in the educational journey through public school. The government notes, however, that library usage has been in steady decline:


During Thursday's question period [Education Minister Don] Morgan again defended the multimillion-dollar cuts to libraries in the provincial budget by saying that usage has gone down significantly in the last decade. "Items checked out of the libraries since '07 has dropped by 1.6 million. Number of library cards down by 175,000," Morgan said in question period.


These numbers reflect a broader trend across Canada, not only in school libraries but public librarie

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Preparing Your Kid for the "Side Hustle"

March 17, 2017

Times have definitely changed for university grads

It used to be so straightforward, so predictable: high school, university, job. But it’s been a very long time since that progression applied to most people. Indeed, it’s rapidly becoming a thing of the past.


Call it the “gig economy” or the “side hustle,” but the sad truth is that fewer and fewer full-time jobs await university graduates -- even graduates of professional programs such as engineering, law, even medicine. CBC News took a look at the issue, using the story of one student named Christian McCrave, who obtained a degree in mechanical engineering:


"I actually thought that coming out of school that I would be a commodity and someone would want me," McCrave said. "But instead, I got hit with a wall of being not wan

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