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New Opportunities Learning Centre

Rate:$25 an hour and up

Levels:Adult Education, Childhood Education, College / University, Elementary, High School

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Description: At New Opportunities we offer tutoring in all subjects and grades. We work to the Ontario Curriculum from Grade 1 to Grade 12. We provide tutoring in all areas for elementary to university and college student, as well as for adults. We are one of the few centers in Toronto who offer specialized tutoring to students who have been diagnosed with a learning disability. We work with the school to ensure that all needs are met and that students progress. As part of our tutoring program, we provide students with learning disabilities strategies to help them achieve their goals and continue learning beyond their tutoring. We are members of the Learning Disability Association of Ontario. We also offer home tutoring in Toronto and York Region.

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Adobe Illustrator is a software program that allows users to create and edit logos and other scalable, vector-based images. When it first came on the market in 1986, it was only available for use on a Mac. Today, it’s available for use with both Macs and PCs. Individuals interested in purchasing Adobe Illustrator can do so online and at retail stores.


There are many features available in Adobe Illustrator that help users create and edit vector-based graphics. Some of the features include drawing tools, color tools, special effects and object tools. Drawing tools are used to create images from scratch, trace existing ones and modify object paths created in Adobe Illustrator.

With the color tools, individuals can designate a particular color to an image or portion of image. It is important for users to take into account the production method of the image they are creating when they work with the color tools as different color models are used for different media. For example, RGB mode is the standard for web-based images, while CMYK is typically used in print. After the appropriate color template is selected, all of the colors in that mode will populate in a palette of color swatches available for users to choose from. If a color is selected that is not available in the designated color mode (e.g. RGB, CMYK), the user will receive a warning so the color can be changed before production of the image.

Special effects can be applied to and removed from images without changing the original object. Examples of effects include blurring, glows, drop shadows, transparency and more. Finally, object tools let users control objects, so they are easier to work with. With this suite of tools, multiple images can be assembled, so they function as a single object; images can be merged and cropped; masks can be created that only leave part of an object visible; and more.

Adobe Illustrator Help

Like other image editing programs, Adobe Illustrator is very powerful. However, it is also very complicated because of the extensive functionality it offers. As a result, it can be difficult to take full advantage of the program’s capabilities without some type of training. Fortunately, many resources are available that can help those who are interested in learning more about Illustrator.

  1. The help menu within the program provides instructions for a variety of topics. Users can search the index to find the additional details they need.
  2. Tutorials designed for Illustrator direct users through the program, explaining the many tools available.
  3. Instructor-led classes allow students to watch demonstrations of the various tools in Illustrator and practice using them in an environment where a professional can quickly answer any questions they have.
  4. Adobe Illustrator Tutors offer the most individualized way to learn the software. Tutors can create plans tailored to meet the unique needs of each of their students.