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Searching for Tutoring Services in Canada?

If you’re looking for tutoring services, Tutor Index can help. We’re an online directory that is committed to helping students and parents connect with tutors all across Canada. Tutor Index was created by tutors who fully understand the benefit of tutoring services. We also know how difficult it can be for students, parents and faculty to find suitable tutors in Canada.

Tutor Index solves these problems by providing a tool that makes it quick and easy for students to find a tutor in their area. Our site provides a single resource for finding qualified tutoring services that can help you:

  • Enhance your learning process
  • Raise your test scores and grades
  • Boost your academic confidence and self esteem
  • Find greater enjoyment at school
  • Earn admission into colleges and universities
  • Win academic scholarships

Affordable Advertising Options for Tutors

Tutor Index offers a range of advertising options to cater to different needs. Prices start at just $50 and tutors can save 33% by paying annually. As a tutor, you can also create an unlimited number of advertisements and receive a discount for multiple listings. The following advertising options are available:

  • Basic Directory Listing: With this FREE listing, you can include your contact information, rate, educational level that you tutor, description of services, a personal image, subjects and cities.
  • Premium Directory Listing: This listing includes everything in the Basic Directory Package along with additional benefits. With a paid directory listing, you will be listed at the top of search results and will also receive access to our list of students who are looking for a tutor.
  • Panel Advertisement: This is our highest level of advertising, and it’s designed to provide maximum exposure. You can create your own eye-catching display ad or have us design it for you for free.

Why Advertise on Tutor Index?

If you’re a Canadian tutor who wants to broaden your customer base, advertising on Tutor Index can make the process easier. Here are four more great reasons why you should advertise on our website:

  1. Exposure - Our search-engine-friendly website is easy to find online and it places your business right where students and parents are searching for tutoring services.
  2. Affordability - Tutor Index offers cost-effective advertising for as little as $50.
  3. Targeting - We provide access to a highly targeted audience that is actively searching for tutoring services.
  4. Control - Advertisers on Tutor Index have complete, 24/7 control over their listings.

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